Birsay Biscuit

By J. Scott, Chocolate Cottage, Birsay, Orkney

12 oz. self-raising flour 
4 oz. Birsay beremeal 
8 oz. castor sugar
8 oz. margarine
6 oz. sultanas
1 egg
a good pinch of salt

(1) cream sugar and margarine
(2) sieve in flour and beremeal, add sultanas, egg and salt – mix well
(3) turn out on a floured board, kneed into a dough, roll out ½” and cut into biscuit shapes
(4) bake on greased tray placed on top oven shelf at 350°F/gas mark 4 for 16 minutes
(5) remove from tray and cool on rack – biscuit will crispen when cooled